Photos of Brady

Monday, March 29, 2010


March 27 I turned 56. One year ago March 27 we buried my dad. I wanted to celebrate my dad's life instead of marking my birthday with the anniversary of the day we paid our final tributes to him. So, I planned a celebration for his life, my birthday, and an Easter egg hunt for my two grandchildren.

The day was for the most part beautiful. Though cold in the morning, glorious sunshine warmed the day. I spent most of it cooking, and preparing the egg hunt that would entertain the children before dinner. I raced against the clock and Mother Nature, who had a thunderstorm planned for our area late afternoon. It is sometimes good to fool Mother Nature, who held off the rain until the last egg was found. It was a nice way to remember my dad, who would have found great joy in the laughter and delight of his great-grandchildren.

Through the eyes of a child life looks differently. Though my heart was saddened by loss, it was also grateful for another year of life and joyful because of the hope I see in my grandchildren. Dad never met them, though I sent him pictures so he could follow their life as they grew.

I am a child of Spring, and therefore eternally optimistic about life. My homage to the life I have been given by God and my parents, is to take the road less traveled and celebrate each day.

I pray that you have things to celebrate in your corner of the world today.

God bless you,