Photos of Brady

Sunday, December 02, 2007


I cannot believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone. I meant to post before the holiday and wish you all a blessed and happy Thanksgiving. Things here are much the same as always. Small towns in general and Smalltown in particular are like that. While those from the city and urban areas find it irritating, it is a comfort to me. Life is quiet and peaceful here, and not much changes except the weather.

Mom and I had about three different plans for Thanksgiving, none of which turned out. Since we didn't want to cook the traditional meal for just the two of us, we opted for something easy. Those plans were also up-ended when my son Jonathan called and invited us out to their new home for the evening meal. He and his wife Aimee bought her grandfather's house, and they moved in the last of September. I was thrilled, as I wanted to be with family, and especially my little grandson Brady. We celebrated his second birthday the twenty-first day of October, as well as the one year anniversary of his brain surgery. We had much to be thankful for, but were thrilled to find out that Brady will be welcoming a new little brother or sister next summer. What joyous news! Hopefully things will go more smoothly this time around.

I still have one tree down at the back of the house, but I guess since it is down it can't hurt anything now. Jonathan will get it taken care of when he can. I passed the first year anniversary of my promotion. It is still such a thrill to know that I have achieved the highest position I can without relocating to the state capital. I am very happy to live here and travel there to teach or train. I have the very best of both worlds.

I do miss all of you good blogging friends. For the life of me I can't figure out how I posted every day for so long. It seems that my days never have enough hours in them, as many of you also experience in your lives. There is much to be thankful for however, most of all for the health and life I have. As we move into the Christmas season, I wish you a very happy month. May the days be filled with loved ones, friends, and family. Make some memories and remember the old ones. We will be welcoming my two brothers and their families in for Christmas. It should be a very happy time.

I hope this finds you well and happy.
God bless you,