Photos of Brady

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Here's your update from storm central. This tree is back of my little home. It is the one my son didn't have time to get down as we took time out to celebrate little Brady's second birthday instead. Rain and wind moved in last night with a vengeance, and about midnight last night when I heard the wind whipping through the trees yet again I began praying. Jonathan had tied the top part of the tree to the bottom portion with one of his silk climbing ropes. He assured me if indeed it did fall before he could get it down it wouldn't fall on the house but across the lines for the cable. Fifteen minutes later I heard the terrible and frightening sound of the branches of the tree supporting the damaged one giving way under the weight. It was a huge relief to hear the mighty tree hit the ground. While I knew the cable would be out come morning it was almost a relief to have it down so I didn't have to wonder where it would fall if it did.

This morning I made the trip out back with the flashlight. No morning news for Shady Lane today. I spent the rest of the day calling various entities to take care of the problem. When the tree finally went down, the force of it snapped two other poles next to my property. It will take them a while to repair the damages, but at least I have TV this evening. Thank goodness for folks who know how to deal with the aftermath of destruction.

As for my car, it will be fixed on Thursday, compliments of my mother. The insurance only covered the garage roof, but hopefully there will be enough to take care of everything. Our local collision center will come pick it up, fix it in one day and deliver it back home again. God really comes through when the mess is larger than you know how to deal with. Thank you all for your comments, thoughts and prayers. My son will have a much easier go of getting the tree taken care of now. I was really worried as a mom to have him working on it while it was still so unstable.

I do ask your prayers on behalf of my mother. She took a tumble yesterday afternoon, a tangle of her overjoyed dog and cat welcoming her home from our shopping trip. Upon hearing the rattling of the bags, everyone went down in a heap, and mom came out the loser. She is sore and bruised, and sporting terrible cuts from little and big paws. Life in Smalltown is a real hoot at times. It is a wonderful thing that our family has a very large sense of humor. Now that we are all on the mend and the storms have passed, we can laugh about it.

Hoping this finds you well and happy in your little corner of the world,

God bless you,



Thursday, October 18, 2007


Last night Smalltown was caught up in a terrible storm, or what I believe to have been a tornado. I was awakened by the sheer force of it around 11p.m. The sound of the wind was horrific, the trees whipping around and finally losing the battle. While I wasn't sure how bad the damage was until first light, I did go out with a flashlight at 5:30a.m. to see if anything had been harmed. When I saw the tree across my car and the garage roof, I hurried over to mom's to see if she was okay.

Suffice to say that we survived with less damage than others. While the damage to my car won't be covered, at least it wasn't destroyed. Truly I am blessed, and I know that mom feels the same. I will keep you posted on the cleanup.

I pray you are well in your corner of the world.