Photos of Brady

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


After getting back into the swing of my usual routine following a few days off, today I am on my way to Jefferson City for a meeting. Knowing I had to get up early resulted in not sleeping well. Instead of my usual perky self, I feel like taking a nap. No time, however, as I have to leave shortly.

The good thing is that my boss will do the driving, and if necessary I can cat nap on the way. He will be checking on his retirement options while we are there, so he will be excited. The big thing will be staying sharp for the meeting and picking a good place to eat lunch.

Little Brady went for his MRI yesterday, so as soon as I get results I will pass them along to all of you. They have all been battling the bad upper respiratory trouble that is going around, but I think they are on the upswing now. His main complaint is teething. He cut two new upper teeth over the weekend, so pretty soon I can show you with pictures.

I hope that you have a good day in your little corner of the world, and I will see you right back here in the morning.....here on my country road.

Until then,


Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Mom and Rocky

Mom, Rocky, George, and little Davey- part

of our adopted family from next door.

My older brother George, AKA cook.

Me with little Brady, my grandson.

Brady and his two new teeth.

We had a wonderful weekend getting ready for and having mom's birthday bash. The weather cooperated with us, so the BBQ went off without a hitch. George got here Saturday evening, and on Sunday we celebrated mom's 74th birthday with all of the family that could attend, and the neighbors we consider family. We missed my brother John and his family, and my daughter and husband. It would have been perfect had they been here too.

Until tomorrow,



Friday, May 26, 2006


After I can't tell you how long, I have finally arrived at a mini-vacation!

I started off in great style this morning by not being startled out of sound slumber by the much detested alarm clock. Instead of my customary 5:00am wake up call I didn't budge until 6:20am, when the birds finally succeeded in rousting me from bed. There is a storm brewing, and the birds seem to know it. Their chatter is distracting when you are trying to sleep in, but I hated to waste any more time in bed anyway.

This is not only the Memorial Day weekend, but my mom's birthday weekend. She will be 74 on Sunday, so drop her an email or comment on her site, http://essentiallyesther.blogspot.com. My older brother George is coming down from Shawnee, Kansas for a couple of days, and hopefully my grandson Brady and his folks will also come for the BBQ.

Enjoy your weekend, be safe if you are traveling, and remember those loved ones who have gone on.

Until next time,


Thursday, May 25, 2006


Yes, I admit it. I am an American Idol fan. Last night I was like 200 million other devotees around the world who watch the show each week, glued to the TV waiting for two hours to hear who the winner of this year's title would be.

I pulled for Kathryn all season, but was a Taylor fan from the beginning. He stood out from all of the other contestants. He had fun, and in so doing he entertained the world. When I found out he had made the finale, it was clear who would win. He reminds me of New Orleans. Fun, over the top, and pulling you along for the ride.

After the second season when Clay Aiken was robbed of the title with faulty phone systems I swore I would never watch it again. When Clay won the hearts of America from the #2 spot however, I felt vindicated. He has gone on to outdo and outsell Reuben on every level. So, when he made an appearance on the finale last night I was thrilled.

Kathryn will do fine as well from the #2 spot. This morning I couldn't be happier with the result, and am happy Taylor overcame the odds with good old fashioned hard work, talent and fun. It just goes to show you that America knows a good thing when they see it. Just like the rest of the country, I am now into the first day of Idol withdrawal. The new season doesn't start until January!

Good luck to Taylor Hicks, America's newest Idol.
Until tomorrow,


Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Finally we have some results concerning Brady and Lena, Aimee's mother. I talked to Aimee yesterday and the strain she is under was clear.

Her mother has blockage in her heart, but her heart is too weak to withstand the surgery to correct it. She has congestive heart failure, and only 17% of her heart is actually working. The decision was reached by the team of doctors that have been dealing with her case to send her to St. Louis to meet with the transplant team. She will be placed on a transplant list and begin the wait for a new heart. Hopefully tests will indicate she is a viable candidate for that surgery.

Brady's xrays were inconclusive, so he will be going next week for a CT scan of his head. After yet another week of waiting for test results, most likely, hopefully we will have a decision on what to do about the soft spot closing prematurely.

Please remember Brady and his other grandma Lena in your thoughts and prayers. Of course Aimee and my son Jonathan have their hands full keeping everyone's needs met, but so far so good. I know that God can make a way where there seems to be none. Thank you for your continued support, and as always I will keep you abreast of needs and tests results as I get them.

Have a wonderful day,


Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Meet Miss Chicky.

She is the sweetest cat. I have written about her many times, but never posted a picture of her. You can't tell from the picture, but she is a very petite lady like cat with bright green eyes. She got her name because when I used to call Napoleon each evening to give him his bread treat, she would come and eat the bread. She was faster than he was, and as a stray she was very hungry. Before I knew it she was living in my garage and eating like a princess.

For some reason, she has taken up with me and no matter how much I wanted her to join the kitty pack at mom's house, she stays here. I am not home much, and she doesn't get much attention, but she likes it here.

Mom brings Mandy up and they play. It is the same old story. Chicky lures here in all sweet and cute then bops her on the nose. Funny. It doesn't keep them from playing though, and Mandy chases her under a bush every now and again. Such is the cycle of life I guess.

Miss Chicky is the reason that Napoleon moved on to mom's house. For some reason Napoleon is afraid of her. He isn't afraid of any of mom's cats or Mandy, but he still shakes his feathers and does the booty dance when he sees their teacup poodle Amber. She is all of 8 inches tall. With Chicky Napoleon doesn't even take the time to fan his tail or try to scare her with his rumba. He is too busy flying up to the nearest rooftop. I can't figure it out, but it must be her markings. That and the fact she chases him unmercifully. Chicky thinks this is her house and takes offense to see Napoleon here. She has forgotten she was also a stray.

Last week Chicky lost her sister. I saw she had been hit by a car as I came from work. From a distance I could see the small black and white cat laying on the road, and was afraid it was Chicky. I was sad to see it was her sister. Poor little thing had no home, and ate here on occasion. She took shelter during the heavy rains last week under my porch.

I hope you have pets that bring you joy and enrich your life. Pat them on the head and scratch behind their ears for me.

Until tomorrow,


Monday, May 22, 2006


Saturday I got to babysit my grandson Brady while his mom and dad went on a float trip. It was my first time to have him all day. Whoever said a picture is worth a thousand words was right on the money. He is such a happy baby in spite of all the medical problems he has endured in the past seven months. We are still waiting for the results of the tests on his head. As always I will keep you posted, and I thank you for your continued prayers on his behalf.

I am just his grandma, but after twelve perfect hours with him, I think he is just perfect!

This is kick butt Monday, so make it a good one. I know I am....here on my country road.

Until tomorrow,


Friday, May 19, 2006


Thank goodness I haven't heard the gnawing and scurrying of little feet the past few days. I guess the poison did the job. I set a tray of it behind the washer where my cat Paddy seems to spend the bulk of her time waiting for the critter to come out. I saw last night that it was almost gone.

In the past I have had bad luck with setting out poison. Where it is designed to make rodents thirsty so they go outside to find water, I usually found the dead bodies in drawers, on the floor, and other various and sundry places. Yuk. This time I am hoping for the best.

It has been nice to have sunshine for the past two days. The temperatures are going back up and hopefully this time I will be able to finally shut down the furnace for the season. Keep your fingers crossed.

We have finally made it through to Friday. I hope you have a great day and a wonderful weekend. I am hoping to spend time with my grandson Brady and log some time at the computer working on my book.

Until next time,


Thursday, May 18, 2006


I received the following email from my older brother George last night:

"I saw on the Nightly News tonight that the aircraft carrier Oriskany was intentionally sunk off the coast of Pensacola, FL to be a fish reef. It looked a little funny sinking, since I once walked her decks-but it was in a dignified manner, all in one piece, good old American engineering, no falling apart even in it's final momemt in the sunshine. She was the first airccraft carrier to have a jet powered aircraft leave her deck and was a veteran of 2 wars, Korea and Viet Nam, which is where she and I shared nearly a year. Another part of my past now gone forever. John McCain (Senator from Arizona) was a pilot on her for a while also. Well, now on to tomorrow and we'll see what it brings. See you later."

I did see the evening newscast and watched the Oriskany sink. I thought of George. He is a very good writer in his own right, and I have often scolded him for not using his talent. There are a lot of moments like the Oriskany, that would be interesting and meaningful to others- most especially to those of us who know and love him.

My response to his email follows:

"Hey there. Yes, I saw that as well. Made me feel funny. Thought of you when they said the name- it caught my attention. I knew that was your ship. Had to be a moment for you. As we grow older more and more of our past slips away. I am sure that is what makes old people so sad. Anyway, I am sorry for the event and any sadness it brings to you. The fish will hopefully live there with respect and pride."

As we grow older so much of our past slips away in the tangible sense. I know that is why there is so much sadness in the world. The more things change the less things are the same as we have always known them. I would encourage all of you to write down those things in your life that were meaningful and important to you, if for no other reason than to remember those moments in the sun. I can guarantee that your thoughts will mean so much to those who love you, and will chronicle the days of your life. A very good exercise for all of us.

Until tomorrow,


Wednesday, May 17, 2006


I suppose that the thing I hate most in my little world is the clock. I am always watching the clock, having to stay on schedule in order to complete all of the tasks that make up my day and make sure that I am on time for work.

Once at work I am responsible of ensuring my crew gets a break, lunch, and returns from lunch in time to open the office for the afternoon. I have to constantly monitor the clock to determine if a person has time to test before we have to pack up the equipment and drive back to headquarters for the day. Since I don't wear a watch, I look at my cellphone a hundred times per day.

By the time I do get home I am tired of looking at the clock, but it doesn't end there. I have a carriage clock that sits on the entertainment center that houses the TV. I look at that all the time. I eat on schedule, I watch the few shows I enjoy, and know when to go to bed by watching that clock.

One of the reasons I enjoy the weekend so much is that I don't have to set the alarm, get up at a set time, or rush around because of what the clock says. The only reason I ever look at it is to ensure I get to see the decorating shows I love.

When I retire, I will look forward to not having to constantly watch the clock. I will sleep until I want to get up, drink coffee in my pajamas and robe, and do just what I want. The clock will no longer dictate what I do or where I go. It will simply mean that it is time to do what I want to do.

For those of you who are retired, I am prepared for your comments that you still have to be a slave to the clock. The good thing is that it just doesn't have to be every day! Until then, I see that it is time to post this and eat my breakfast, make my lunch, and get ready for work. One has to stay on schedule or the whole day gets screwed up....here on my country road.

Until tomorrow,


Tuesday, May 16, 2006


When I came home from work yesterday I still wasn't convinced that I had a mouse. After listening to the sound of gnawing through the night, I was almost sure it was a chipmunk or a squirrel that somehow got into a place it couldn't get out of.

I unloaded my briefcase, lunchbox, the mail, my coat, and my grocery sack when I came through the door and turned around to pat Paddy on the head. No Paddy. Strange. She always meets me in the kitchen when I get home. I went in search of her and found her in the bathroom sitting on the white rug that lays in front of the shower.

Funny things about white rugs. They show everything. There on the white rug were two telltale signs the culprit had left as a calling card. Evidently when the mouse ran out from behind the washer onto the rug it ran into Paddy, scaring the two little black signs out of it. Typical.

Paddy has been sitting like a sentinel on that white rug for days. Her eyes look like ten miles of bad road, as she has traded sleep for an obsession of the elusive mouse. Now that it has indeed shown itself, she will be too tired to catch the silly thing.

Today while I am on my lunch break I will run into WalMart and get some poison. Now that I know where it came from I will have a better chance at getting the little bugger.

Thanks for the advice and comments. The fact that I have had to devote two days of blog space to a mouse is sad indeed. Hopefully after I artfully place the poison trays that will be the end of that.

Happy Tuesday. It is trash day around here, so I have chores to do before work.

Until tomorrow,


Monday, May 15, 2006


There is trouble brewing.

For several weeks I have watched my cat slink around the perimeters of the house and stand guard at the furnace vents. A couple of weeks ago I began to hear the tell tale scurry of tiny little feet behind the walls. This normally takes place in the dark, deep in the night. Last weekend I heard a gnawing sound in the furnace closet. I took it all apart and looked in there, but could find no sign of anything unusual.

Yesterday I was writing an email, in the middle of the day, and heard the same gnawing sound in the wall behind my monitor. Normally if I bang my hand on the wall the sound stops. Last night I was awakened from a sound sleep by more gnawing in my bedroom. This time the culprit was in the wall behind my closet.

By the time I got up, turned on the light and got to the closet I could see Paddy, my cat, was already standing guard. I don't know what I expect her to do, since she has been declawed. If she ever does find the little bugger, she will be half powerless to do anything about it. Since she still has back claws though, maybe she can slow it down a bit.

I hate the whole exercise. There is some unwanted creature living or trapped in the wall and ceiling. I can only think of the damage it is doing while I sleep. I guess if it ever does make it through the wall or ceiling I can set a trap and be done with it. Whatever IT is. I think that is what I hate the worst. Not knowing.

However, until trouble shows itself, I can only wait. There should be eerie music playing in the background here. If I was talented, I could put a music link with ominous organ music like you hear at Halloween time or during very bad monster movies.

Anyone out there have any useful advice? Until IT comes to the light of day, we shall proceed with kick butt Monday. Today I really feel like kicking some!

Until tomorrow,


Friday, May 12, 2006


Today would have been my grandmother's birthday, but it is also my boss's birthday. I made his favorite cake to take to work, but wouldn't you know it- the icing doesn't look right.

It was an ill fated venture to begin with as I was into making the batter when I noticed I was out of oil. I should have remembered that from the last cake I baked. I had to leave it to go down to mom's house and borrow some oil. Once I told him I would make him the cake I ran over the list of ingredients in my mind and could remember having the necessary ingredients in the cupboard and fridge. Until I reached for the oil. As luck would have it I heard mom and Mandy out in the yard.

I walked down to their house and chatted with them a few minutes before going home to finish the batter and get the cake into the oven. I got the cream cheese and butter out for the icing and got that done. As soon as the cake was cool I spread the icing on the cake. For some reason it looks thin. Great. I am not sure what went wrong. I have made this cake a hundred times and it is always perfect.

Wouldn't you know? Anyway, I am taking it and we'll see what happens. They say it's the thought that counts, but I wanted it to be perfect. I'll let you know, but I am sure that he'll eat it up like he always does.

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of Brady and Lena. We are still waiting for test results on both. Happy Friday.

Until next time,


Thursday, May 11, 2006


A week ago yesterday we were working steadily through the morning, as we were one person short on our crew. Our office is in the basement of an old stone court house at this station, and there is a deep window well that measures four feet deep and six feet long.

We stop testing fifteen minutes before the lunch hour, and while there was a lull in the action one of my coworkers noticed muddy feet prints along the width of the two windows. Walking over to the window, she looked to see what could have caused them. When she let out a little scream, I knew we were in trouble.

Once she told us it was an armadillo, it was obvious it wouldn't be able to get out by itself. The muddy foot prints on the window were a silent testimony to the panic and fear it had gone through in the attempt. She said it looked near death. I couldn't look. I have a very weak stomach as you know, and knew better. Having been raised on a farm, this gal took off to find someone to get the armadillo out of the well before it died.

We had started the process of getting our lunches out to heat in the kitchen across the hall when we heard commotion outside the window. I saw three pairs of legs along the edge of the well, and three long handled shovels being lowered into it. I didn't get turned around quickly enough before the shovels began to hack at the armadillo violently. All of us left the room as quickly as we could manage it, shrieking to cover the sound of the short battle to kill the trapped animal.

By the time our lunch was warm and we reentered the office, all was quiet. Other than the blood spatters and muddy prints on the window, there was no other evidence that the armadillo had been there. Suffice to say that there was little of the usual chatter during lunch, which was very difficult to eat.

While we all know the dangers of armadillos, the diseases they carry, and the wisdom of removing it from the well, we were unprepared for what happened. Yesterday we returned to the scene of the crime. We checked the well to make sure no wild trapped animals lurked there before starting our day. The muddy feet prints remained as a reminder of the whole incident. I felt badly.

Just another work day....here on my country road.
Until tomorrow,


Wednesday, May 10, 2006


We are stuck in the mode of severe weather and lots of rain. After two years of virtually no rain, we are about to float away. The whole lower half of our state is in a flash flood warning. Since many of the stations I have to drive to for work are located across low water crossings, I expect problems.

The other thing we are getting reacquainted with is thunder and those pesky severe weather updates on TV. I missed the American Idol results show last week because there were tornado warnings going on in the area and the local meteorologists pre-empted the programming. It seems odd to hear real thunder after so long a dry spell. The good thing is that I was able to text my friend Diane in KC and she told me who got the boot on Idol. Ya just gotta love technology!

Today we are bracing for more severe weather. It will be a day of giving road tests in the rain and hoping to get home across the low water bridges. I hope you have fair weather and sunshine wherever you are. Enjoy it for us. I hate to complain since we needed the rain so badly, so will just wait for the sunshine to reappear. Let me see- for Noah it was a very long time!

Until tomorrow,


Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Each year I have a family of wrens nest in my little windchime that overhangs the front porch. I had given up on them this year, as I hadn't heard the male singing to his mate. Normally when they are in residence I can hear the chime as they come and go.

Yesterday I was home for a holiday. It was Harry Truman's birthday, and the state of Missouri kindly gives it to state employees. I had a lazy day, just relaxing, doing a few household chores I didn't get done over the weekend, and catching up on some reading. I was having my morning coffee when I heard the male wren singing. They have such a beautiful song it always makes me stop what I'm doing to listen. Shortly thereafter I heard the little chime. Since there was no wind, I knew that they were once again making a home in the little birdhouse chime.

I suppose it can't be the same little wren couple each year, but I like to think so. I can look forward to hearing the male serenading his mate each morning and evening, and the sound of the little chime as they come and go from the nest. It is too early to worry about how the babies will survive with all of the cats around, most especially Chicky. She likes to sit on the porch rail directly under the chime.

Anyway, the vacancy sign is down and the wrens are in the building....here on my country road.

Have a wonderful day,


Monday, May 08, 2006


Good Monday morning.

I have a heavy heart this morning. Brady's six month checkup was Friday. It seems that in spite of everything the little guy has been through, he faces an MRI and possible surgery on his head. The doctor says that he doesn't have a soft spot. For some reason it has closed way too soon, and depending on what the MRI shows, he will have to have surgery to open it back up again. Brady is such a joy. He's a happy baby who is always smiling and laughing, in spite of the medical problems he has faced. I can only imagine what my son and daughter-in-law must be going through.

Also, my daughter-in-law's mother Lena is ill. She has been in a down hill slide for several months. She is my age, so I was shocked to learn that she is facing heart surgery. If that doesn't correct the problem, her only other hope is to be put on a list for heart transplant.

As I look out the window of my little office this morning there is a heavy fog hanging in the big woods. Things look bleak and oppressive. The world presses in on us and makes us wonder who is in charge. Well, if I didn't know the answer to that I would have given up a long time ago.

Beyond the fog, beyond the problems looming, and in spite of how things appear, God still reigns. He is in charge, miracles still happen, and I believe. The sun is shining just beyond the clouds. Knowing that, I have hope.

I would once again ask for your prayers on behalf of Brady and Lena. It seems that trouble always comes in a group. I thank you, and will as always keep you posted as I get updates and information.

Today is kick butt Monday. Give 'em heck!
Until tomorrow,


Friday, May 05, 2006


After being stuck in a dry spell for several years, we are off to the races with a wet couple of weeks. We are all extremely grateful for the moisture, but good heavens. I am glad that I waited to plant my annuals and container gardens this year. Since the weather turned off cooler (the furnace has been running for two days) and the sun disappeared, the newly planted flowers would have rotted in the ground. I have had that experience several years in a row, and this year I am waiting until after Mother's Day.

When I came home yesterday afternoon, Chicky was hiding on the front porch and her eyes were locked in on something. As I unlocked the door I saw Jake, Bob's yellow lab. Chicky is afraid of him. Naturally, since she is a little cat and he is a big dog, she has a healthy fear of him. There is a pecking order. Chicky is afraid of Jake, but she chases Napoleon all over the place. Napoleon is afraid of Chicky for some odd reason. He squawks and flies up on the roof anytime he sees her. When she chased him off from here, he began spending more time at mom's house. He got his bluff in on her three outside cats, and spent a lot of time fanning and shaking his magnificent tail at them. They are used to him now, so it is no big deal. Little Amber, Rocky's two pound tea cup poodle is about the only thing that makes Napoleon get excited these days. He still shakes his booty at her. I have only been around him once when Mandy was outside, but he didn't seem to be either impressed or offended by her.

Well, that seems to be all of the big news here in Smalltown. It is still dark, but I can hear Napoleon calling plaintively for his Josephine. Where is a nice peahen when you need one? Happy Friday, everyone.

Until next time,


Thursday, May 04, 2006


Well, it is still turkey season in the Ozarks. Although Napoleon has survived the first ten days, I got anxious night before last. I was on my way from mom and Rocky's house when I heard a gunshot followed by Napoleon screeching. I ran around my house to look in the direction I had heard him. I espied him perched up on the bed of an old pickup truck that sits down in the field by Bob's barn. He looked quite unaffected by the whole thing.

Since it was getting on toward dusk, I began calling him. He comes very well to "Chick chick." He weaved his way through the tall pasture grass, and while he was doing that I went into the house and got him a piece of bread. Oh Napoleon. He is a sucker for bread. I had a little talk with him about the dangers of guns while he ate his treat. He stayed close until time to roost, and he serenaded me past dark.

Next month will be the one year anniversary of his appearance....here on my country road.

Until tomorrow,


Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I hear the rumbling of thunder this morning. We have had storms off and on for a week, which is wonderful as we were six inches behind for the year already in our rainfall. The sounds of rain, thunder and the sight of lightening were distant memories.

Normally I get nervous if I hear we are in a watch for severe weather. We spent a lot of time running up the street to a tornado shelter when I was growing up in Kansas, so I associate fear with storms. Twenty years ago I lived through a tornado outbreak in Springfield that was the most frightening weather experience of my life. Saying all of that, it is odd that I slept through the storm Sunday night that almost blasted Napoleon from his lofty perch. Mom was talking about it when I was there for a visit last night, and I hadn't heard a thing. Probably for the best. Normally I am a light sleeper, so I must have been worn out not to have heard all the ruckus.

At any rate, there is a storm looming, and I only hope that I can get to work before it hits. Rain does weird things to a wool uniform. I hope that you have sunshine today. Make it a good one.

Until tomorrow,


Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Things have been so hectic here that I haven't had time to tell you about the young Chinese woman I tested last week. She had been in to take her test several months ago, but she failed dismally. I was actually happy to get back to the station in one piece. She was upset, but I spent several minutes going over with her and the man who brought her over from the place she worked what she needed to work on before she came back to try again.

Last Tuesday was the day. She appeared with a huge smile on her face, and I greeted her. It is our policy that if an applicant is failed previously by one examiner another one will take them out the next time. It is fair to the applicant, and creates a positive testing environment. She locked in on me, and I told her that another examiner would be taking her out for the test. She seemed upset by the news, so while the clerk was filling out her application, I told her that if she would rather I would be happy to take her out again. It is difficult to understand her, as her Chinese accent is so strong, but her smile was unmistakable. Remembering the last time she tested, I hoped I wouldn't be sorry. Since I am the supervisor however, it is my job to create a positive situation at the stations for both the applicants and my crew.

Once we were in the vehicle, I could see that she was more comfortable than the last time. The test went well, and she passed with flying colors. When we got back to the station and I told her she passed, she threw her arms around my neck and gave me a big hug. I told her how proud I was of her and how much she had improved. She told me she that one of the other Chinese students had worked with her three hours a day including weekends on her driving. They had taken the advice I had given them after her first failure, used the drivers manual as a guide, and worked hard. I wasn't surprised at the results once she told me how hard she had trained.

My brother John's blog spoke of the same thing today. We are all more alike than different. Language is only a slight barrier when one is determined to succeed. She took failure and turned it into a vehicle to learn. A good lesson for all of us. Her happy face and warm smile warmed my heart the rest of the week.

Many times I have seen the disclaimer on a product: Results not typical. That is a very true statement. Results are the result of hard work and determination. Nothing comes easily or without effort. However, in order to succeed one has to be in the game. Go out there and accomplish something today! You are only limited by your imagination.

Until tomorrow,


Monday, May 01, 2006


Good Monday morning. While I wait for the coffee to drip, I will bring you all up to date with the news here in Smalltown.

I had to leave early Friday morning to attend a meeting in Jefferson City. It is a two and a half hour drive each way if there are no traffic issues or tie ups, but normally it takes closer to three due to road construction and rush hour traffic. After the meeting concluded I was on my way back when I got a call from my crew. One of my crew members had been rushed to the hospital, which was an hour away from where they were working that day. It took an hour for me to get information, make arrangements, and call the crew back to let them know what was going on. Thank goodness nothing serious has been diagnosed at this point. It was a very long day made worse with having to drive the last hour in a rain storm.

Dad has been released from the hospital and sounds like he is doing very well. I talked to him yesterday, and his leg is pain free except for the usual post surgical pain, which will subside in a few days.

Little Brady had an appointment Friday as well for his post surgery check up. Thank goodness he was going well enough to have the casts removed. Now he can have a real bath, which he loves. He doesn't have to go back for another check up for three months. His feet are doing well.

Rocky is doing well. His first round of chemo is finished, and this is his rest week. He and mom celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary yesterday, very quietly. I normally have them for dinner or take them out, but with all of the company they have had and the stress of the past couple of weeks, we just had a quiet weekend. We will have a party later when I can get everyone together.

My work situation has finally resolved. I am now sleeping fine again and can move forward. I thank you for all of your prayers on behalf of me and my family. It has been a comfort and a blessing. This is our kick butt day, so I hope that you go out there and have a good one!

For now, that brings us up to date....here on my country road.
Until tomorrow,