Photos of Brady

Friday, July 29, 2005


I was down at Davey's last night and it was getting on toward dusk. When I said I had to get home and feed Napoleon his bread before he flew up to roost, Davey wanted to come with me. His mama said it was okay, so we headed up the road to my house. He was so excited he could hardly walk without skipping.

When we got to my house, Napoleon was nowhere to be found. I finally espied him over in Bob's yard across the field. I bent down to show Davey where he was, and asked him if he thought I could get Napoloen to come home for his bread. He wasn't sure, but anxious to see what happened. As loud as I could, I began to holler "Here, chick, chick, chick....here, chick, chick, chick...." Napoleon's head came up, and he ducked under the fence and began to run...a little ungracefully, across the field toward us. I continued to call "chick, chick, chick..." until he ducked under the fence into my yard.

I sat Davey on the garden bench and told him to sit very still. I tore the bread into little pieces and gave him some to throw to Napoleon. When the big blue bird stopped two feet from us, I nodded to Davey to toss the bread. One at a time, he pitched the pieces of bread to a very hungry but happy Napoleon. After he was out of bread, and it dawned on Napoleon that it was half past dusk, he walked over to his water bowl, got a drink, and ate a little cat food.

Knowing what was coming, I told Davey to sit very still, and not to talk. He crawled up onto my lap so I could talk into his ear without startling Napoloen. I told him that it was time for Napoleon to go to bed, and that he would fly up onto the garage roof, then over to the house roof, and then up into his favorite tree to roost for the night. As we sat on my little garden bench, we watched Napoleon go through his nightly routine. After a few minutes, Napoleon decided it was safe, and flew up to the garage roof. He sat there a few minutes, looking around. Once he decided it was safe to do so, he flew over to the house roof. We were sitting close enough that the wind created from his flapping wings stirred our hair. Davey's eyes never left the bird, and he never talked. He would suck his breath in, but he didn't say anything to scare Napoleon. Then, Napoleon walked over to the edge of the roof, looking up into the tree. He hesitated the briefest second before flying up and landing in the tree. By this time, Davey was all but laying in my arms, as Napoleon was directly above us, about fifty feet up. Little down feathers drifted toward us, and as Napoleon hopped from branch to branch to find where he would spend the night, Davey clapped his hands and laughed. I have seen this many times, as has Matt when he was here. Last night, I saw it through the eyes of a child.

Once Napoleon was settled, had groomed his feathers, and tucked his little head under his wing, we walked back down to Davey's house. He was talking a mile a minute, and when we got into the house he told his mom and dad all about it in five year old-speak. How many little kids get to see a real peacock that close up, sit on a bench while they eat bread not a foot from you, and fly over your head into a tree?

Just another awesome thing....here on my country road.
Have a great weekend, everyone.


Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I have been shopping for cribs for my new grandson. Since he is due October 22, I thought I should be finding the perfect thing for the little guy. With the extreme heat here in the Ozarks I didn't want to get out and shop the old fashioned way, so I turned to eBay for help. I found lots of baby things, and put several possible cribs and crib combinations on my watch list to bid on before the auctions ended.

Usually I put things on my watch list and then get busy and don't get back before the item sells so cheap it is ridiculous. This always makes me sick. So, I have the email notification feature that lets me know when the item I am interested in is about to end. Miracle of miracles, I actually was here to get the notifier, and sat down to check the current price. This particular auction was for a brand new in box crib and changing table. I had checked the price at WalMart yesterday on my lunch hour, and for 179.00 I could have walked out with the same thing and not messed with the auction. When I saw the price was at 51.00 for the auction, I about flipped. Of course I wanted it. Who doesn't want to save 128.00? The auction was still two hours from ending, and I never bid until the last possible minute as it just drives the price up and I HATE that. I bid once at the very end. It had been a long day yesterday, what with the episode with mom getting overheated, the calls from Rocky, and Patty, who went over to check on her for us, the work day, the heat....well you get the idea. So, I took a book to bed and propped up against the pillows to read until I needed to bid on the auction.

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock....I woke in the dark of night with a start, the book I had been reading had slid off my lap and the cat was sleeping on it, my neck was stiff from being at an odd angle, and I had a moment of panic. I jumped out of bed, ran to the computer, refreshed the page, and got the bad news I knew would be there. The brand new in the box Jenny Lind crib and changing table sold for 51.00. ARGH!!!!!! I was s-i-c-k.

They say the early bird gets the worm, but in my case, ya snooze, ya have to pay 179.00 for the same thing at WalMart. Gee, I hope this isn't a portend of the day ahead....here on my country road.

Until tomorrow,


Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Today, in fact just three hours from now, the space shuttle Discovery will launch. Suffice to say that the people of America are holding their breath. With the tragedies of Challenger and Columbia fresh in our memories, it is with a great deal of trepidation and hope that we watch this morning's events.

The preparation and training has been done. Tests have been performed. Crews have gone over and over the problems and have anticipated both real and potential issues with the shuttle and rocket. A few minutes ago the crew was having breakfast together, laughing, talking, and all wearing matching Hawaiian shirts.

As the countdown draws near, I know that we all have the same thoughts and fears. Take time to offer a prayer for the astronauts, the NASA team, and the shuttle today.

Godspeed, Discovery. The hearts and hopes of America go with you.

Until tomorrow,


Monday, July 25, 2005


It is hot. Saturday we had 102* temps, and yesterday even hotter at 106*. The local weatherman says it is no record, but he is surely mistaken. I can't remember it being this hot in a very long time. I feel sorry for the animals who are out in it with no relief, as well as the many people who have no air conditioning or have to work out in the heat.

Today it will continue to be hot, but only 98*. It will seem like a cool front. By Wednesday we have a cold front moving through that will bring the 80's back. I have one big blue bird who doesn't know what to think of this heat. Napoleon goes over into the big woods all day long, where the heavy shade and cooler temperatures are less brutal. As the sun fades in the evening, he will venture back around 7:30pm, eat some cat food and bread, get a drink, and flies up to his roost in the oak tree by my house. He walks around with his mouth gaped open and panting.

On a humorous note, Napoleon and Scaredy have a very tenuous relationship. When I put out cat food in Napoleon's bowl on the patio, of course Scaredy thinks it is his. When he goes over to eat a little, Napoleon fluffs himself up, fans out his tail feathers, and shakes like a tambourine. It is so funny. I suppose he does it to warn the cat to back off from his feed bowl, but Scaredy just saunters off and lays down under the yew bushes by the front porch. Animals are a hoot. It is funny to see them interact with each other. Now I have to toss them both bread when I feed Napoleon his at night.

Well, it is kick ass Monday, everyone. Time to get out and tear things up. When I want to stay home and take a mental health day I think of my hero Lance Armstrong. He never quit. Guess I won't be a wimp, but will hit the road and go to work. Have a great day, be careful in the heat, and drink lots of water.

Until tomorrow,


Saturday, July 23, 2005


Greetings from my country road, where the weekend is in full swing. It was 99* at 11:00am, and was expected to be at least 102* this afternoon. I can tell you that we are probably going to surpass that.

I went out early this morning to get gas, groceries, and a few supplies. I have been inside ever since. Many of the old Elvis Presley movies I used to pay 50 cents to see on Saturday afternoons are playing on AMC today. What could be better than that?

Later this afternoon I am going down to Davey's house to swim in his little pool with him. There are two loads of laundry between me and happy hour, though. Whatever your pursuits today, be safe and have fun.

Until Monday,


Friday, July 22, 2005


Today we are in a heat advisory. We aren't supposed to poke our head out the door of an air conditioned house without water, and then only for a very short time. The bad thing about this type of heat is the people who do not have or cannot afford air conditioning. Many of the elderly fall into this category, so it is imperative to call and check on them or make sure they get to a place where there is air conditioning. In this area there are always heat related deaths when the heat climbs into triple digits.

My son Jonathan is one who will be in danger today. He works in the log woods. They have been working from daylight to dark while the weather is dry. He has lost a lot of weight in this heat, and drinks water by the gallon. I always feel empathy for the construction workers, loggers, farmers, and all other occupations whose job keeps them in the heat. Also at risk are the animals. Poor Napoleon (who is back home, by the way), gasps for breath in this punishing heat.

Each year we hear reports of children and pets who die from being left in parked cars. Thank goodness most people have heeded warnings of the speed at which the interior of a car will heat up and become deadly, but there always the exceptions.

Today I work in a town close to the water. It is always hot and humid, and uncomfortable in the best of weather conditions. Hopefully the applicant traffic will be light and there will be no one wanting a motorcycle skills test. The course is on an ashpalt parking lot with no trees to block the punishing sun.

Wherever you are today, take care in the heat. Drink lots of water and take frequent breaks. Stay in an air conditioned building, make sure pets have plenty of water, and check on those who are ill, elderly, or have no air conditioning. Make your water bottle your best friend. Today is TGIF, so stay safe.

Until tomorrow,


Thursday, July 21, 2005


I am sure that a lot of you mayhave already seen this, but my friend Diane sent it to me and it just struck my funny bone. Some things are just so obvious to us little people. Maybe the big guys should read blogs.

COWS: Is it just me, or does anyone else find it amazing that our government can track a cow born in Canada almost three years ago, right to the stall where she sleeps in the state of Washington, and they tracked her calves to their stalls. But they are unable to locate 11 million illegal aliens wandering around our country. Maybe we should give them all a cow.

CONSTITUTION: They keep talking about drafting a Constitution for Iraq. Why don't we just give them ours? It was written by a lot of really smart guys, it's worked for over 200 years and we're not using it anymore.

TEN COMMANDMENTS: The real reason that we can't have the Ten Commandments in a Courthouse? You cannot post "Thou Shalt Not Steal," "Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery" and "Thou Shall Not Lie" in a building full of lawyers, judges and politicians ... It creates a hostile work environment.

And Last but not least..... George Carlin said it best about Martha Stewart .. "Boy, I feel a lot safer now that she's behind bars. O.J. Simpson and Kobe Bryant are still walking around; Osama Bin Laden too, but they take the one woman in America willing to cook, clean, and work in the yard, and haul her butt off to jail."

Napoleon update.....
When I walked out with my little sack of bread last night I couldn't find him. As I was coming back into the house, I saw him across the pasture on top of Bob's garage. Since it was time for him to roost, I would say that after five weeks, he has decided to move on. I'll keep you posted.

Happy Thursday,


Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Last night I couldn't find Napoleon. He has been wandering more and more, and he can't always figure out how to get back here. When I went out last night to feed him his bread he was nowhere to be found. It was getting late, and I knew he should be thinking about his roost. I heard honking, and scanned the big woods and the cow pasture. He responds to 'chick, chick', so I started calling him. Across the cow pasture, I saw him pacing back and forth in front of Bob's barbed wire fence. He evidently had been over there eating around his bird feeder. I continued to call him and shake his bread sack and feed bucket, and he finally ducked under the fence and started running for home. He had a little more trouble with my fence, though. Instead of flying over it like he usually does, he was scared and agitated. Seeing his predicament, I continued to call him, and in desperation, he finally flew over it and landed in the yard. He acted like he hadn't eaten for a week. After eating his cat food, I tossed him bread. Normally he does good to eat one piece, but he ate two. It was getting really dark, and he was half an hour past getting to the roost. It dawned on him at the same time, and he flew up on my roof and on up to his favorite branch in the oak tree.

I realize that Napoleon will be gone one day. He evidently wandered away from his home and found himself here. He has been here for five weeks now, and each day he expands his territory more and more. Since he isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, he will wander off one day and not get back. His appearance here has been a special event, although I knew he wouldn't always stay. Wild critters have a mind of their own, and a built in wanderlust. I only hope that he doesn't meet a bad end.

Life is funny. Enjoy things while you can, as things change and are never the same again. I just hope that he has enjoyed his time....here on my country road.

Until tomorrow,


Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Just a little cleanup on various topics this morning.

Mom and I had to go back to Springfield yesterday for more tests at the Dr. Of course we had time for a great lunch and shopping after that, and got back in time to go for a workout at the gym. We were greeted with lots of congrats for Rocky and his newly set records at the meet. It was fun.

It looks as though Tulum and Playa Del Carmen took a bad hit courtesy of Hurricane Emily. Cozumel was also hit, and I am hoping that we will have some damage assessment pictures before long. The area is so beautiful, with thousands of years of historical ruins nearby and those white beaches, I can't imagine the way it must look now. Our thoughts are with the folks now in the path of Emily, and I hope that she remains a much weaker version of her former self.

We had a terrible storm last night, and when I went out to check on Napoleon this morning, he had moved further up the tree and closer to the trunk. Poor thing was pretty soggy looking. I took the trash out and got him some fresh food. It didn't take him long to wake up and fly down for breakfast.

We are in for temperatures in the high 90's, with heat indexes at 100. Although we do have chances for more pop up thundershowers, it looks like we are heading into the dog days of August a bit early.

Wherever you are I hope that you have a great Tuesday. Take care with the heat, take time to enjoy nature, and do something special for yourself.

Until tomorrow,



Sunday, July 17, 2005


Congratulations to Rocky!

Yesterday he set district and state records for bench press and the district, state, American and World records for his age group in dead lift.

Mom will have pictures on her site as soon as she gets them to John and he gets them posted to her site.

All in all a very exciting day, and I can say that we are VERY PROUD of the new state,
American, and World champion that lives....here on my country road.

Way to go Rocky!
Until tomorrow,


Saturday, July 16, 2005


This morning we are headed to out gym to cheer Rocky on. He is a contestant in the Missouri Powerlifter's Association Power Meet being held there today. He is a little nervous, so say a little prayer for him and send out good thoughts. The event begins at 10:00am, and he stands a great chance to set Missouri records in his age group for bench press and dead lift.

We'll let you know how it goes. Have a great Saturday, and I'll post results in the morning.

Until then,
p.s. Scaredy came home and was waiting on the porch rail for his breakfast this morning. He beat Napoleon to it.


Friday, July 15, 2005


It looks like all of the meteorologists are expecting Hurricane Emily to make a direct hit on the Caribbean. Cozumel and Cancun will most likely take the brunt of it, which is a shame. Although Matt and I stay in Tulum, which is an hour and a half south of Cancun, the whole Yucatan penninsula will be under the gun.

Isn't it hard to believe how bad this hurricane season is becoming? There are so many people that had to cancel travel plans as Dennis passed through, and now Emily. It is the residents of those tiny islands that suffer the most, though. Although tourism is a big boon to their way of life, most of the people are still poor and live very modest lives. Our life here in Smalltown will go on much the same no matter where the hurricanes hit, but we can still empathize with the fear and destruction that will ensue. My thoughts and prayers are with the people who are in Emily's path, as well as the beauty of the Caribbean that will be altered because of her.

On a brighter note, I hosted a little impromptu get together at my house for mom and Rocky, and the neighbors, Dave and Patty. I have a new shower at my house, and they came up to see it. I am very proud of it, as I have been taking baths for the almost 20 years I have lived in this little home. Thanks to Matt, I now have a beautifully appointed white tile shower. He did a fantastic job. It was nice to have company, and a party midweek.

Today is finally TGIF, so have a wonderful day and happy weekend! Still no sign of Scaredy, and Napoleon is off on his morning rounds. I didn't see him, but he'll be back before I leave for work.

Until tomorrow,


Thursday, July 14, 2005


I was roused out of a sound sleep at 4:15am by a cat meowing. I have heard this same sound before many times in the past few weeks, and I am not sure whether it is a stray or a kitten that a mother cat took for a midnight stroll and left for someone to find. I know the sound of Scaredy's meow, and it wasn't him. Matt's presence here scared him into the big woods, and I haven't seen him for two days. He will return when he is ready. He always does.

This morning when I got up I went out to take a look around, but could find no sign of a cat anywhere. There is a beautiful thick fog hanging in the trees of the big woods, and gives everything an ethereal quality. Although the cardinals sang beautifully hours ago, I can still hear them in the distance as they search for food. The wrens, chickadees and titmice are joyfully hopping from branch to branch and tree to tree. It is a cool morning, which is deceiving. The forecast is for 90's and humid today. For now the morning fog settles on my skin and provides moments of quiet calm before my day begins.

Napoleon is already off the roost, and as I came out the door, he came running to say good morning. I fed him a nice bowl of dry cat food, and am getting ready to go out and toss him some bread crumbs. He is partial to them, and I may as well spoil the little guy. It was a miracle that he came here, and as long as he is here it is a special thing.

These early morning moments set the tone for my day and feed my soul. It reminds me of the last line of a poem that hung in our house when I was little:
"God's in His heaven, all's right with the world."

Happy Thursday from my country road.
Until tomorrow,


Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Greeting from Peacock Central.

Matt is gone, I have returned to my normal schedule, and all things are good. We have experienced welcome rain for the past two days and nights, courtesy of hurricane Dennis. While we are thankful, Napoleon doesn't appreciate it. He is soggy, his feathers are drooping, and he spends most of his time up in the tree at roost. I have learned that when he roosts he tucks his head under his wing.

I think I will hang a mirror on the side of the garage by the window. He loves to look into the window at the handsome peacock he sees there. At first I thought he was admiring himself, but I think now that he is lonely for another peacock to keep him company. His tail feathers are growing fast, and I think by fall he will have a substantial start on his beautiful fan.

My worry is that he will be killed crossing the road to the big woods. He likes to look for bugs and vegetation there, and when I don't see him in the yard, he is easy to spot strolling through the woods. His bright blue head is hard to miss. It is also a possibility that he will become a tasty meal for the foxes and coyotes that roam the big woods. Most of the time however, he stays around here. He and Scaredy startle each other all the time. It is funny to watch the uneasy alliance they have formed. I also have to feed Scaredy bread when I feed Napoleon his. Otherwise Scaredy eats it all. Crazy cat.

Today I am off to Springfield with mom for our annual physicals. It will be a girls day out, and once finished at the doctor, I am sure there will be a wonderful lunch and shopping involved. Have a great day.

Until tomorrow,


Sunday, July 10, 2005


Good morning one and all. It is a beautiful day here in Smalltown, made all the better because Matt is coming for a visit today. When he was here a month ago, Napoleon appeared. I can't wait to see what happens this time. I have done all the preparation. Yesterday I baked desserts and a barbeque brisket, so today I can just relax. Don't you just love the anticipation of company coming?

I need to go out and toss some bread to Napoleon and Scaredy, then will get busy with the dust and fluff chores. Enjoy your day. My heart goes out to those of you who live in or have loved ones in the path of Dennis. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

Happy birthday wishes to my best friend Diane, wish I could be there to share in the festivities, but...well, you know. Company's coming.

Until Wednesday morning,


Friday, July 08, 2005


Things just get curiouser and curiouser here in Smalltown.

I went out to feed Napoleon some bread last night, and my cat Scaredy ate it. I suppose it is only fair, as Napoleon eats his cat food. Anyway I had to go get another piece for Napoleon. He really likes it, and the whole experience is like going to the zoo. Actually I am beginning to think that I live in a zoo.

Last night I had been down swimming with Davey and as I was walking back up the hill to my house I saw Napoleon perched in the middle of the wheel barrow I have flowers planted in. He was merrily munching on my pink begonias. He already mowed down my blue salvia.

One of the funniest things is the game Napoleon and I are playing. I have two half whiskey barrels planted with flowers out by the mailbox. I have a little blue Christmas ornament in one of them to catch light. Sort of like a mini gazing ball. One day I came from work and it was laying on the ground by the barrel. Thinking nothing of it, I picked it up and tucked it back by the petunias. The next night when I came home it was once again laying on the ground by the barrel. Now there is only one thing that makes any sense. Napoleon. For some reason he keeps taking it out of the flowers and spitting it out. Very strange. Anyway, the ball is back in his court. I put it back in the barrel last night.

Thankfully it is the last day of the workweek for me. I hope it is for you as well, and that something wonderful happens in your world today.

Until tomorrow,


Thursday, July 07, 2005


After working out last night, mom and Rocky dropped me off at my house about 7:15. The sun was getting ready to set, but was still shining through the trees of the big woods, and all was well. Napoleon was standing on top of Rocky's mini van, which was parked in George's lot. It is still a hoot to see him around the place.

As Rocky pulled into my drive, Napoleon flew off the van and came running. Watching peacocks run is a funny sight. They put their head and neck down parallel to the ground and those feet get moving really fast. They are incredibly quick for such a cumbersome animal. I walked over and shook his food bowl, and he snacked a bit on his cat food. I went on in the house and made a sandwich, and while I was doing that it struck me he might like some bread. I got out a paper plate, put everything on it and went out to sit on my garden bench. While I ate my dinner, I tossed Napoleon pieces of bread. He was within an arms length at one time, but is still a bit skittish.

He has a short attention span, and before long he was over getting a drink of water. After I finished my sandwich I sat and watched the sunset, and Napoleon as he flew to the top of the house. He peered over the edge of the roof at me for a while before flying up into the oak tree above my head to roost. After a series of jumps from limb to limb, he finally came to rest near the top of the tree.

How many people can say they dined al fresco with a peacock?

To answer a few of the questions I have received:

Napoleon eats dry cat food, cracked corn, my flowers, and he evidently likes bread. They also eat ticks, slugs, bugs, and grubs from the yard.

I haven't given much thought to a shelter for winter, as he may have moved on by then. If he is still here, we will make him a shelter with some hay.

He looks amazingly like a Sneetch. Those of you familiar with Dr. Seuss will know what I mean. I love his crown, and with his green feathers coming in over the bright blue, he is a stunning sight. He is losing his brown feathers, which look like pheasant feathers. This would make sense since they are in the same family. They are all over the yard.

Until tomorrow,


Wednesday, July 06, 2005


When I came home from work yesterday I didn't see Napoleon anywhere. After getting the mail I was walking up the sidewalk when I saw movement to my left. Napoleon was laying on the patio. When he stands, he is big and tall. Laying down flat, he looks like all of the air has gone out of him and he looks little. For a minute I thought he had died, but he raised his head and looked at me. I finally decided he was hot and had just stretched out in the shade to cool down. Once I determined he was okay, I went inside and let him rest.

He has been aptly named. He just struts around regally, expanding his territory, and taking his curious self wherever he wants to go. I have seen him as far as Davey's house, which is three lots away from mine. When I couldn't find him over the weekend, I spied him across the road in the big woods. It is hard to miss a big blue bird that stands almost four feet tall. I am afraid he may get into trouble over there, as there are foxes, coyotes, and other animals of prey that live there. The other problem is, he doesn't watch for traffic before he steps out in the road. Now that there is more traffic on our road, I fear he may get hit.

As for Scaredy, they have worked out an uneasy alliance. When Napoleon is perched on the porch rail where Scaredy used to nap, he lays on the porch or the steps by the back door. If Napoleon is strutting around, Scaredy sleeps on the porch rail. Since they both eat the same food, Scaredy often eats out of Napoleon's dish instead of going in the garage where his is located.

It always makes me laugh to see Napoleon's little crest waving in the breeze as he walks. He is really a funny bird. He is fond of sitting on my roof, both the garage and the house. I suppose he feels safe there. His tail feathers are getting longer, but the information I read said that it takes three years for their train to grow out completely. Since I am not really sure how old he is, I am guessing that it may be next year or the year after before he reaches his full glory. As proud of himself as he is now, I can only imagine how stuck up he will be by then.

The excitement never ends.... here on my country road.

Until tomorrow,


Tuesday, July 05, 2005


The fourth of July has passed with Napoleon no worse for the experience. He is a bit jumpy about the fireworks and loud noise of course, but all is calm this morning. He has been eating the beautiful blooms from my flowers quite steadily, which is both maddening and frustrating for me. He is a mystery, so I finally turned to the internet in an attempt to better understand the little guy.

It was no great surprise to find out that the grand peacock adores peace and harmony. They are easily stressed, and I suppose that finding himself as the newest resident on our country road hasn't helped his nerves. I have given him a wide berth, but in my comings and goings we often surprise each other. I recover more quickly than he does, but he is getting better.

Their diet in captivity should consist of game bird food. This presented a problem this weekend, as it was a holiday and the local feed store was closed. The alternate choices were cracked corn and wheat. There was also a warning that peacocks will eat just about anything they can get their beaks into, which of course I had already found out. They will even eat garbage and debris, and paper. The article suggested that in lieu of the other preferred foods they would eat dry cat food. Since we had been feeding him cracked corn already and he didn't seem to be too thrilled with it, I decided to try him with some of Scaredy's dry cat food. Imagine my surprise when he heard me shaking it in the dish and jumped down from his perch on my porch to dig right into it.

I suppose my unhappiness with his eating my flowers and plants could be soothed somewhat by the peacock's talent in searching out ticks, slugs, and grubs from the yard and garden. Napoleon may be a strange little guy, but if he earns his keep I may not be so quick to scold him for his untidy habits.

He seems to be settling in, and follows me when I walk to mom's house. Although he may not live long now that he has discovered the big woods across the road, he appears to be content....here on our country road.

Until tomorrow,


Sunday, July 03, 2005


My brother George arrived yesterday for the weekend. I think he was actually surprised to see Napoleon, as George thinks my imagination works overtime anyway. At any rate, Napoleon is his usual regal superior self, and although not happy over the noise that fireworks make, seems to be taking the whole holiday weekend in stride.

Enjoy your cookouts and get togethers, and I will see you all bright and early Monday morning.

Until then,
Happy Fourth, and be safe


Friday, July 01, 2005


After one of the driest Junes in recent memory, we finally got a humdinger of a storm last night. Here in Smalltown they call rain like that a "toad strangler". For my newest resident pet, I'm sure it was quite an ordeal.

After work last night I had gone down to Davey's house to accompany his family to an open house being held at the school. He has been enjoying summer school, which ends today, and the parent open house was being held so all of their work could be taken home. It didn't last long, and then I stopped at mom's on my way back up the road to my house. While I was visiting with her I noticed Napoleon over in Davey's yard. That is very strange. He always stays close to my house or my brother George's lot where his feed is located.

While we were talking Napoleon finally figured out how to get back over the fence, and walked by mom's window. Even though mom thought so, I really don't think he was looking for me. I believe he was getting worked up because it was beginning to cool down, the winds was picking up, and thunder occasionally rumbled. Even though Napoleon is a big bird, he is still very young. He tolerates the sprinkler, but he does not like rain, and most assuredly not storms.

I left mom's and walked back up the path through George's lot and to my house. When I looked around I wasn't surprised to see Napoleon coming along behind me. After feeding Scaredy, I chatted with the nervous bird, and came on inside. I am hoping that he went to roost before the storm, because it was fierce. There aren't many times I shut down the computer, unplug the phone line from it and hope for the best. Last night was one of them. Although I knew Scaredy could get into the garage, I worried that for Napoleon Leopold, it might be a wild ride into another county.

This morning, as soon as it was light enough to see, I walked out to survey the damage and look for him. He was standing in the middle of my new garden, scratching at the mulch. Well, I guess he discovered how to grip the tree branch with those big feet of his. His feathers look a bit ruffled, but other than that he is no worse for the wear.

We got 1-1/2 inches of rain, and Napoleon has his first big storm under his belt. Or feathers, as the case may be. Anyway, all present and accounted for....here on my country road.

Until tomorrow,