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Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Back to work.

After a very fast three day holiday, it's back to work today. I have to work short handed the rest of the week because one of my workers is on vacation, but at least it is a short week. Mom's party went off fine, and we have food stuffed in every refrigerator. Yesterday George left to return home, and Mom, Rocky and I went to the nursery to get mulch for my new garden addition. Rocky went back to work and Mom and I spread mulch all afternoon.

Last night I had a few hours to clean house, do laundry and get myself cleaned up. I will be playing catch up all week, but the bulk of the outside work is done. Tonight I have to finish the mulching and get the trailer back to Dave.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. Not only is it back to work today, it is trash day...here on my country road. The excitement never ends. Have a wonderful day.

Until tomorrow,


Sunday, May 29, 2005


Good Sunday morning to one and all. My brother Geroge arrived yesterday afternoon for mom's birthday party, and we had a great time of eating and visiting on the deck.

Thanks to all of you who emailed, left comments and called for her birthday. My son Jonathan and his wife Aimee were here, as were our extended family Davey and his folks from next door. Is there anything better than a surprise party, a BBQ with all of the trimmings, and good company?

Today we will just relax, eat the remaining 10 pounds of potato salad, and visit. As you gather for family events, I would like to extend best wishes for a happy Memorial Day weekend. Remember to say thank you to a veteran, a member of the armed services, and pause to remember those who lost their lives in the protection of our freedoms.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!


Friday, May 27, 2005


Not only is it Friday, which is great, but we are gearing up for a three day weekend. There is nothing better than that, other than vacation. I have more plans for this one than days to get it all done, but I am looking forward to it. I am finally going to get my garden finished.

I have run into all types of delays, waiting for Dig Rite to come mark the locations of the various cables being the biggest. I was dismayed to come home from work last night and see that the outline of my proposed garden was also the exact path of the bright orange paint indicating the phone lines. I have two choices. Move the site of the garden or make a berm.

What to do? I guess I do have a third one. Forget the garden and take the plants back. I will make a decision today. These pesky little problems make gardening less joyful.

On a joyful note, however, tomorrow is my mom's birthday. Those of you who follow her blog, Essentially Esther may want to drop her a birthday greeting. She will be a young 73 this year. I will help her celebrate by having a cookout with all the trimmings.

Until tomorrow,


Thursday, May 26, 2005


School is out for a summer. What a feeling. I remember the last day of school and the excitement of three whole months stretching out ahead of me to do just as I wanted to. It was like Christmas every day.

Yesterday I saw a little girl playing out in her yard, lost in a fantasy of her own making. It brought back all of those magical summer days of childhood. She was obviously playing princess. There was an empty cereal box on her head for a crown, and she had a stick for a wand. How long has it been since you have seen a child playing make believe with simple objects like that?
I remember the smell of freshly mown grass, ice cold Kool Aide, playing games like Red Rover, Mother May I, dodge ball, baseball, tag, hide and seek, and jacks. My brothers and I also played school. We were taken to the city pool for Red Cross swimming lessons in the mornings, and to swim in the afternoons. Mom took us to the county library every two weeks for library books and we read them in the afternoons while we rested after lunch and before going to the pool to swim. I remember laying out under the big elm tree in the front yard reading, and watching the parade of fluffy white clouds drift by overhead. I used to look for circus animals in the shapes of the clouds, and napped on a handmade quilt. After supper I would swing on the swing set out back, singing songs from camp and waiting for the Popsicle truck to come. When we heard the bell several streets over, there was a mad dash to get a nickel out of mom for a bomb pop.

Summer is a magical time. Seeing a little girl dancing around her front yard with a cereal box crown and a stick wand brought all of those wonderful memories back. As a parent I tried to pass along those memories to my own children. Imagination is a wonderful thing. Soon I will be teaching my first grandchild how to make believe…..here on my country road.

Until tomorrow,


Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Things are happening here on my country road.

There are new babies everywhere, and anxious mamas are busy trying to keep their young ones safe from the perils of stray cats. I am speaking of course, of newly hatched birds. They haven’t quite learned the ability of flying, and are too young to know the peril they are in as they sit helplessly on the ground fluttering their little wings.

The first ones I noticed were the little wrens who live in my wind chime on the porch. They sat on the porch rail, so they were better protected than the robin babies who are struggling on the front lawn this morning. Also a problem for the robins are the noisy parents who seem to be attracting more notice than they need to in an attempt to let their young ones know where they are so they will fly to them. First they knock them out of the nest, then they try to get them to fly back. Certainly a puzzlement.

Also happening are the various yard and lawn projects up and down the way. Families are cleaning up the debris and clutter from fall and winter, and beginning the more enjoyable planting of shrubs and flowers. My closest neighbor to the north is Bob. I have written of his calves before, and his pasture borders my fence. I noticed that they added a raised bed made of castle rock this year. Last year he cut down the hedge that he and my grandpa planted forty five years ago. As I left for work yesterday morning I noticed it is growing back. Isn’t that something? Grandpa always chose things for their toughness and longevity, and it would seem that he chose well. Bob will be clipping hedge again this year.

Of course mom and Rocky had added the berm and shade rock garden to the front of their house this year. Dave and Patty are in the middle of planting shrubs and laying gravel around the base of their home and in the driveway. I have a patio full of plants and shrubs awaiting the arrival of dirt so they can be planted.

We got a late start due to the weather, but the weekend should be perfect. This week has been a little cooler, which is great for the two big bushes I transplanted Sunday. They look great.
I am looking forward to getting my project finished so that I can sit on the garden bench that will rest on the new patio I will be making. There I will watch the new grass grow and enjoy my new shrub and perennial border. All of the new little bird babies will be flying around by then and will keep me company with their beautiful songs.

Have a wonderful day, and enjoy the new things going on in your neck of the woods.

Until tomorrow,


Tuesday, May 24, 2005


I have been filling in down at mom's house while they are on a little vacation. It never sounds like much at the outset, but the time quotient is always an unknown. I had planned to get back to my evening workouts at the gym last night, but by the time I watered the birds, checked on the house and the cats, checked the mail, and watered the flowers, it was too late to go.

Also, I had my own grass and plants to water, Paddy to play with, and the trash to put out for today's pick up. While I was out and about, I went over to visit with the neighbors. I played a couple of riveting games of Chutes and Ladders with Davey, and got trounced soundly both games.

It is odd when people are gone. Nobody is moving about down at mom's, and the daily phone calls have stopped. Her cats aren't impressed with my attempts to have a conversation with them, and they have even stopped coming to the door when I come in to check on them. Oh well. They know the drill. They will look out the window, eat, and sleep until mom gets back.

She called last evening just to let me know that they made it to Iowa, and would be spending today touring the Amana colonies. Those of you who keep up with her blog, Essentially Esther will be interested to know that Saturday May 28 is her birthday. You may want to drop her an email or birthday card. She will be surprised when she gets back.

Have a wonderful day, and I will see you back here in the morning....here on my country road.

Until tomorrow,


Monday, May 23, 2005


If I had to go to the doctor today he would think I was a battered woman. I look like I have been run over by a truck. A very large, heavy truck. My hands hurt so badly I can hardly close them into a fist, and I am stiff everywhere. Ah, the joys of a weekend gardener.

I went to the store yesterday morning for a few groceries. I came back with some light soy milk, cat food for Paddy, and nineteen shrubs, hostas, daylilies and dwarf evergreens for the new border I am planting this year. I had wanted to get pavers to make a little patio for the garden bench I have but the expense overshadowed my desire to have them. That is something I add later. More important is to get the dirt delivered so I can plant the new acquisitions.

Since finishing my mom’s projects on Saturday I can finally turn my attention to my yard. Yesterday afternoon I wrestled two existing bushes out of their current locations and moved them to the new border area. I got the root balls loose easily enough, but I underestimated the sheer weight of bushes that had been in the ground for ten years. I persevered, and now both are in their new locations. They will be the anchors of the portion of the new border that faces my country road.

Last evening when I was watering the new grass I noticed it was coming up. Everywhere. Hurray! With actual grass where none ever grew before, it will be a wonderful frame for the new plants. Even though I am sore, stiff, and exhausted, there is nothing more gratifying than gardening. When I am sitting on the garden bench in the evenings this summer, I can enjoy the results of my efforts now.

I walked out into the yard last night to see the beautiful full moon. It was shining brightly down through the trees of the big woods, and just a gorgeous silvery sight. The stars glittered like diamonds in the inky blackness of the night sky, but the moon was the real star last night.

Tonight will be another night of full moon, and I for one will be out gazing up at it….here on my country road.

Until tomorrow,


Sunday, May 22, 2005


Good Sunday morning to everyone.

I spent all day yesterday helping mom with the last of her garden projects. I wasn't looking forward to it as it was a lot of shoveling and backbreaking work. The result is really great, so she is happy with it.

We had a cookout with the neighbors both Friday and Saturday night, so I haven't had to cook and the company was great. The weather has been fantastic, and we were able to eat out on mom and Rocky's deck. It is fun to visit, watch the birds at the feeders, and share good food.

Today I am already behind getting caught up on chores here, and the cupboards are bare. The first order of business is a trip to the Wal-Mart super center for reinforcements. The weather is foggy, cool, and rainy this morning, so it will be a nice break.

Whatever your pursuits today, enjoy your day and the tasks at hand. I will see you back here bright and early in the morning.

Until then,


Friday, May 20, 2005


After taking Scrappy to his new home twenty miles away, I have held my breath that the lady would call me and want me to come get him again. I was talking to mom and Rocky after work, and he told me he would find out today, as he was taking the same lady to the doctor. The drivers have to call ahead to confirm with the patient, and when he did the lady told him how much she loved Scrappy and how famously they are getting along. Hallelujah!

I came home and took all of the aluminum foil off of the cords and computer cables. Sometimes things are for the best. As for Paddy, she is still trying to adapt. She is still slinking around waiting for Scrappy to pounce on her unaware. It is nice to have her playing and able to walk through the house without fear. She will adapt to being out of the back bedroom. So, all's well that ends well. It sounds like everything will work out for the best for all concerned.

Yesterday afternoon we finally got some much needed rain. My grass is appreciative, as am I. This morning however, I need to get out and water it again. Twice per day whether I think it needs it or not. Next week I should be able to tell if I will have a new lawn or not. My expertise lies with garden design and planting. Grass is, well, grass. I am hoping to have a better yard to show off the new shrub and perennial border I am going to plant soon.

Since I am working with my boss today, I suppose I need to get going. There is a lot to accomplish today....here on my country road.

Until tomorrow,


Thursday, May 19, 2005


Many of you who regularly visit me here on my country road are familiar with the story of my cat Scrappy. Yesterday mom’s husband Rocky called me at work and said that he had found a home for him. He transports medical patients to their appointments, and his patient had been telling him that the doctors wanted her to get a pet. Since she preferred cats, she was waiting until payday to get one at the shelter. As always, free adopted pets always cost money. Scrappy was free to a good and loving home.

I knew if I thought too much about it I wouldn’t be able to do it, so when I got home from work, Rocky and I loaded up litter box, litter, food, his bed and all of his toys. I scooped him up and we made the twenty mile drive to the neighboring town that would be his new home. This lady lives alone and has a lot of love to give. Scrappy is a cat who needs a lot of love and attention. It will be a marriage made in heaven.

Paddy is a little upset, as she can’t figure out where Scrappy is, but she is enjoying being able to walk the entire length of the trailer without being pounced on or chased to the back room. Although it was hard to do, both cats will have a better life separated than living together.
One thing. Until I know that Scrappy is well and truly staying gone, I am not going to unfoil all of my cords. On the off chance the lady doesn’t want to keep him, I would only have to wrap them all over again. Keep your fingers crossed that Scrappy didn’t chew her TV power cord in two during the night.

Mom and Rocky came over last night and helped me plant grass and spread straw over the dirt that had been left bare following the sewer installation. It didn’t take very long, but we were cheated of the rain that was promised. I am on my way out to water the newly planted seeds before I leave for work, so have a wonderful day.

Until tomorrow,


Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Last night I spent an hour covering all of the cords in the house with aluminum foil. This is a last ditch effort to save Scrappy from an ill fate. He watched all the while, getting more agitated as time went on. While I was under the computer desk working there, he began pacing back and forth meowing like he had lost his last friend. It is always an eerie sound when cats do that, so I got up and walked into the living room where he was.

I had been outside earlier to water my newly planted grass seed, and the hanging flowers on the porch. Usually when I go toward the kitchen, Paddy comes running. I didn’t see her, and it seemed to calm Scrappy to hear me calling for her. She has never meowed very much or very loud, so it wasn’t too odd that I didn’t get a response. When she didn’t come to me, I began looking for her. Scrappy followed me from room to room, and I began to panic just a bit, as it is weird she wouldn’t come after all of that. Grabbing a jacket, I walked outside to the porch, thinking she somehow could have slipped out. While that is more characteristic of Scrappy, she hates being outside. I called her several times, but didn’t see any sign of her.

I came back inside, and returned to my project, thinking she would come out when she was ready. It was over an hour later when I finished with what I was doing, got ready for bed, and still hadn’t seen any sign of her. Scrappy was laying by the front door, so I put my jacket back on and went outside. This time when I opened the door, she was laying on the mat scared to death. She wouldn’t come in, so I reached down and picked her up. Miss Paddy was more than happy to get back inside, and Scrappy walked over to make sure she was all right.

It was a scare for all of us, but now things are back to normal. With the exception that the house looks like a UFO with all of the aluminum foil on everything. Just another day in the life….here on my country road.

Until tomorrow,


Tuesday, May 17, 2005


What a beautiful morning here on my country road.

As always at this time of year, the sunshine is streaming through the big woods behind the house and illuminating the bright green leaves of the newly dressed trees. The birds have accustomed themselves to daylight savings time, and now they sing at the right time each morning. They are so joyful it is hard to sleep once their chirping and singing breaks through the cocoon of slumber. There is no greater balm for a flagging spirit or a weary body than nature greeting the new day.

I used to garden. I researched, planned, and lived, ate, and breathed gardening. My whole yard was a cottage walking garden, and I had a tumble of trees, shrubs, roses, herbs, and perennials that attracted hummingbirds, butterflies, birds, and bees to the yard. I had my hands in the dirt every day, and there was constant work to do in tending it. When surgery changed my circumstances, I was forced to give away the plants and let the yard revert to lawn. I have missed the gardening, but with lifestyle changes, it has been impossible for me to do any for a long time.

Over the weekend I helped mom and Rocky with a project in their yard. She wanted a rock shade garden around one of the big trees in her front yard. This required choosing, loading, and unloading the rock and then building the planter. I had plans for the weekend, but once I saw what they were going to do, couldn’t let them tackle it alone. In the end it took three of us to get it done. Since the nursery was closed on Sunday mom and I traveled an hour away to a nursery near Springfield. There we were able to get the plants for the garden, and a tree and boxwood miniature for a huge pot by the front door.

Yesterday our neighbor Dave helped mom haul the several loads of dirt, mulch, shrubs and Japanese maple she needed to complete the project. This was a clear cut case of ‘it takes a village’. In the afternoon even Davey and Patty helped. By the time Rocky got home from work, the transformation was complete. They have a beautifully dressed yard they can enjoy for years to come. I like to go down and sit on shale rock wall of the shade garden and look at the flowers and plants.

As is always the case, in helping with their project, I remembered what I have missed about gardening. There is a lot of backbreaking work to it, but the aesthetic value far outweighs the aches and pains. The feel of the dirt in your hands, and patting the rich earth around new plants gives you a peaceful happy heart. The birds keep you company chirping and singing as they hop from tree to tree.

I have been planning a new tree and shrub border for my yard, but I am still trying to determine where I want it to be. Right now I have grass to plant and my yard work has to wait until the weekends.

Today as I leave for work, I have gardening on my mind….here on my country road.

Until tomorrow,


Monday, May 16, 2005


For all of my regular readers, you know the challenges I have faced with my inside cat Scrappy. He has a chewing fetish, and nothing I have been able to do has curbed it, disciplined him out of it, or broken him of it. He has become more determined, working around all of my attempts to keep him from gnawing through lamp cords, air conditioning cords, the phone cord, my computer monitor cable, just to name a few. Last night he was successful in chewing through the DSL cable and the cord to my new laser printer.

I am faced with a dilemma. I can't give away a destructive cat. He has been declawed on his front paws, so I can't just turn him outside. I threatened to have him put to sleep if he destroyed anything else. Now my choices are very slim. It comes down to that or taking him to a shelter, and I think that putting him to sleep might be the kinder thing.

Life is so hard.

Right now I am faced with kick butt Monday. Usually I am swinging from the chandelier and chomping at the bit in an attempt to get out there and get the day started. Today I am both angry and frustrated. Maybe my many readers will have another suggestion, but for now it is looking like a farewell to Scrappy.

Until tomorrow,


Friday, May 13, 2005


Yesterday I had to return to work. The first day back is always full of catching up what didn’t get done while I was gone. The morning got off to a great start on the walk from the parking area to the building. I saw what I thought was a cat under the Lieutenant’s patrol car, but as I got closer I could see it was an armadillo. Normally you see them at night, but not in the day time unless they are road kill. It didn’t take long to determine it was still alive. There was quite a flurry of activity as everyone came out to see what was going on, and as we left for the day nothing had been decided.

In the afternoon an older man came in for a test. He had let his license expire, and had been expired for five years. He has been in several times trying to pass the written test, and yesterday was the day. The driving skills test went fairly well, and he was thrilled when I told him he had passed. Usually these things don’t go as well, and it is always hard to tell someone that you are taking away their independence. Being an eighty year old man, frail, and alone in the world, he needed to be able to drive for groceries, medical care, and to attend church. It was good that his story had a happy ending.

The baby wrens are doing well. The mom and dad are close by, singing and lending encouragement to their little brood. Since my outside cat Scaredy is gone now, I don’t worry about them becoming a tasty meal for a hungry cat. He has been gone three weeks now. Hopefully he has found a better home and not fallen to some unfortunate end. That is the way of stray tom cats.

Upon returning to headquarters after work, the armadillo had died and was still laying under the Lieutenant's patrol car. The Big Mac patty wagon must be running behind on their pickups. Just kidding.

There will be no sunrise here on my country road today. The skies are overcast, and hopefully we will have some much needed rain this afternoon and evening. They are thinking it could be severe. Wherever you are today I wish you sunshine and warm temperatures.
Until tomorrow,


Thursday, May 12, 2005


After sleeping in and walking down to mom's house yesterday morning for a visit, I helped her with a gardening project she was working on. I used to have a walking garden in my front yard, but I haven't done any gardening for a long time. I love to do it, as there is nothing more calming than having your hands in the soil.

Many of my old flowers and plants are in mom's garden. I visit them all the time, and several of them have needed to be divided and transplanted for a couple of years. While I was helping her, we tackled that. Before we knew it we were covered with dirt and sweat, but we got the job done. Of course it took all day. Relocating the new plants took more work than we thought. It is always the case. We bordered curved edges of the new berm mom and Rocky planted while I was on vacation.

I made the mistake of going to the nursery near my brother's house in Shawnee while I was on vacation. He was buying a new tree, and as I strolled through the plantings, my hands got anxious to garden. If I plant anything again, it will be the low maitenance things that don't take much effort. Age and time dictate what I will buy.

I have a picture in my mind, and hopefully I can find what I want to translate it to the yard. If money were no object, and I had time, I would have all kinds of beautiful things. However, I will begin with a few small trees and shrubs and add something each season.

This morning I am sore everywhere, which is another side effect of gardening. After helping my brother with his gardening project, then helping Matt with a project at the lake house, and mom with her garden, I have happy hands. As I return to work today, it is with a full heart.

Sunshine is streaming through the trees of the big woods, the birds are singing, and the air conditioner is humming. The clock, however, is ticking. Have a wonderful day.

Until tomorrow,


Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Good morning from Smalltown.

I had a great relaxing vacation, but all good things do end. I drove late, getting home shortly before midnight last night. Today I will unpack the car and do laundry, read the mail, and pry the cats off the ceiling. Just kidding. They do well when I am not here, and since the addition of the aluminum foil to the cords on the air conditioners, Scrappy doesn't chew them anymore. Thank goodness I have found a solution to that problem.

I see that the little wren family has several new baby wrens that are newly out of the nest and learning to fly. They are so cute. Little blobs of feathers that are still fuzzy. They fly amazingly well for being so small. That is good, as we have a lot of stray cats in the neighborhood.

I had several days in KC, and a couple of days at the lake, so I am ready to get back to life here. A change is good, but getting back to routine is tough. Such is the life of a working girl. I hope that life treated you well while I was gone, and I will be back at my computer writing a blog of some value, hopefully, in the morning.

Have a wonderful day,


Thursday, May 05, 2005


Today I will be leaving for Kansas City and a little mini vacation. Since I will be gone for Mother's Day, I would like to wish all of you wonderful ladies who are mothers the very best. I will try to post from Kansas City if I can. I'll be back to Smalltown and my country road Wednesday morning, and look forward to visiting with all of you then if not before.

In the meantime, I wish you sunshine and warm spring temperatures.
Until then,


Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Determination: Resolution, certainty, persistence, stubbornness, obstinacy, resolve, conviction, boldness, tenacity, purpose, courage, independence, self-confidence, stamina, perseverance, “guts”, “spunk”, strength of will, firmness, bravery, heart.

I learned a lot about determination last week. I also learned a lot about myself. I have a very routine life here in Smalltown. I also had an image of myself in my mind. I wanted to step out of the box and change myself, but I needed to make some changes. Although I had been walking, exercising, and watching my diet, I was getting minimal results at best. Usually I would get discouraged and give up, but this time I knew that my health was in jeopardy and I needed to turn the corner and make some lifestyle changes. When my doctor told me it was a necessity, I was determined to find a way to make it happen.

Most of the weight I lost by following the Body For Life program founded by Bill Phillips. Although it was a radical change for me, I began to see immediate results. I started lifting weights, although I had no idea of what to do. I also wanted to learn how to jog. John had hired an online coach known as Mad Dog, and when my tax refund came back I also hired him. That was a year ago. I learned how to run, although I was not doing it very well, mostly because my body was not used to it. It took me a very long time to work up to a jog. I began with running fifteen seconds out of every minute. Over the course of weeks, I worked up to running one minute out of every two minutes. I wanted to surprise Matt when we went to Tulum in October, and he was a tremendous help in my learning what Mad Dog meant by taking ‘baby steps’. Once I learned what I was supposed to be doing, taking baby steps instead of galloping strides, I was able to jog. At the first of the week I stayed with running one minute and walking one minute. Once I learned to jog instead of gallop, by the end of the week I could jog forty-five minutes. I have been running ever since.

Several weeks ago a coworker asked me to run a 5K race with her. She had already run in several 5 and 10K races, and I was a little hesitant. I have always said that running races and distance running was not for me. I still believe that, but I did agree to run it with her. The day of the race, she told me she wasn’t going to run. I had two choices. I could go on without her or I could stay home. Mid afternoon I finally decided to stay home. After all, I didn’t want to go by myself, I wasn’t even sure I could finish, and I was not really a runner. I am also not a quitter. Anyone that knows me at all knows that. So, when I got home I changed into my racing clothes. I chose red, white and blue. Actually the outfit was what our summer Olympic athletes wore and had the Olympic rings and USA on the legs of the shorts. I thought it would give me courage.

I stepped out of the box. I entered the race, pinned on my bib, and waited the hour and fifteen minutes before the race began. I had a lot of time to talk myself out of it, but my decision had been made and I was determined to at least finish, no matter how long it took me to do so. When they called the runners to the line and the air horn went off, I started running. It would be the first of thirty-nine long minutes. I had never ran on concrete for more than a few seconds before. I was concerned I would get lost. I was afraid I would be last. By the second mile I was afraid I might die out there on the course. However, I was determined. I kept running. I kept putting one foot in front of the other, focusing on my pace, breathing, and not thinking about how far I still had to run. When I turned the final corner and saw the finish line I picked up the pace. I knew I was going to finish. I was going to accomplish something I never thought I could do. Even if no one else was there to see me do it, I knew it. I had determined to do it.

When I crossed the finish line, it was the best feeling in the world. Not because I could stop running, but because I had reached deep inside myself and pushed myself to do it to begin with. When my name was called to receive a medal for second place in my age group, it was just icing on the cake.

I learned a lot about myself that day. We are only defined by our own beliefs about ourselves. When I stepped outside that belief and determined to accomplish something new, I became a winner already. Running gives me a sense of freedom and every step is a victory, because it is something I never thought I could do.

Step out of the box. What is it you have always wanted to do, to accomplish? Whatever your goal, determination and faith in yourself will see you through.

Until tomorrow,


Monday, May 02, 2005


I was enjoying a second cup of tea yesterday morning when I heard the beautiful song of a male wren just outside the front door. For the past three years I have had a wren couple nest in the decorative birdhouse wind chime that hangs from the front porch eave. This year I was sad that they had chosen another place to build their nest, as I had heard or seen no sign of them. I hopped up from the couch and peeked out the front window just in time to see him disappear inside the little house. All day long he stayed close, singing to his mate, and bringing her food. I am so happy that they decided to build there again. Each time I hear a jingle of the chimes, I know they are coming or going from the nest.

In spite of the beautiful sunshine, our temperatures have stayed in the mid fifties. We are calling this a cold spell, as we had been enjoying seventy and eighty degree range temperatures. It will warm again, but for the second day of May it seems odd that we should still be having frost and freeze warnings.

The sunshine is streaming through the trees of the big woods outside my office window this morning. It is a beautiful sight, and a great way to meet the day. I am on my way out to uncover the flowers so they can enjoy the warmth. The clock is ticking, so I had better get busy. The alarm went off on schedule this morning, but I have been moving in slow motion.

Have a wonderful day whatever your plans.
Until tomorrow,


Sunday, May 01, 2005


It’s May Day!

When I was in elementary school our art projects were always May baskets. We made little cone baskets out of construction paper, made a handle for them, and took them home where we filled them with flowers from Mom’s flower gardens. The best thing was choosing who would receive them. Once that decision had been made, it was a challenge to leave the little May basket hanging from the front door handle of the recipient without them knowing who had left it.

Another thing we did at school was dance around the May pole. The tether ball pole was utilized for this. Once the rope and ball had been removed, long strips of brightly colored crepe paper were attached. Each child got to hold one strip. When the music started, we walked around the May pole holding the strip of paper until all of the strips were wrapped around the pole.

The children don’t learn those things in school anymore, and I wonder why. It was a wonderful celebration of spring, and doing something nice for others by leaving them a little basket of beautiful spring flowers was a nice thing to learn. With all of the technology there is in the classroom now, I think we have left out a lot of activities that teach the kids how to be kids. There is certainly nothing wrong with that.

Happy May day. Maybe someone ring your door bell, run away, and when you open the door a little homemade basket of blooms be there.

Until tomorrow,